Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay for Chart of the Day?
Subscribing to Chart of the Day via our homepage is free.

How long will it be before I am added to the mailing list?
Within 24 hours.

I signed up for my free Chart of the Day a while back and still haven't received it. What's up?
The first point to remember is that a free Chart of the Day is being sent to every email address submitted. Those not receiving a Chart of the Day after submitting their email address should consider one of two possibilities. One possibility, is that you've misspelled your email address when subscribing. If this is the case, simply resubmit your correct email address. The other possibility, is that either your email filters or your Internet service provider's email filters are somehow filtering out Chart of the Day as spam. If this is the case, simply add Chart of the Day to your whitelist.

How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
To unsubscribe, simply fill in our unsubscribe form.

How do I change my e-mail address?
To change your email address, first subscribe with your new email address via the Chart of the Day homepage and then unsubscribe your old email address (as described above).

Can I forward the Chart of the Day to a friend?
The free Chart of the Day can be forwarded to a friend.

Where do I send a suggestion for an insightful chart?
Email us at Suggest a Chart.

Why should I rate the Chart of the Day?
We include a section underneath every chart that allows you to rate the Chart of the Day. We do encourage you to rate every chart because by voting you'll actually evolve Chart of the Day in a direction that meets your interests.

Can I include a note when rating the Chart of the Day?
Several of you have asked if you could include a note in the body of the email when rating the Chart of the Day. When you rate the Chart of the Day, your email software opens up with the address and subject fields already complete. From there you can simply click send or first write a brief note in the body of the email and then click send. Either way is fine by us. And what can you include in this brief note? Many of you have written to tell us how we're doing overall or how much you liked a particular chart. Some of you have suggested variations to a particular chart. Some have requested that we update a chart from time to time. In the end, we pore through everyone's ratings and comments, all in an effort to get you the insightful charts you want to see.

Do you have a strict privacy policy?
Yes! We take the privacy of all of our subscribers very seriously. For all the details, feel free to review our Privacy Policy.

Do you have any terms of use?
Yes - Terms of Use.

How do I get my question added to this list?
If you have a question that you believe should be added to this FAQ, email us at

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